Jude Grover

Cairn Mono Type Specimen

Exploring the monospace format and the extent to which the application of its rules influence function, the Cairn type specimen is a printed demonstration of the features that define it. Includes single colour character set postcard.

20 pages
50gsm Newsprint
289x380 mm

300gsm Cartridge

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Petra began as a research project during my final year at the University of Brighton, exploring the marks we leave on the landscape and how they have remained consistent from ancient to contemporary times. Outcomes include a typeface, stone carvings, and a publication of the research documents.


A reinterpretation of C.P. Cavafy’s Ithaka in the form of a dedicated publication. The poem presents themes of the cycle of a story, of journeys, and the passing of time. This publication leads the reader through the text by adding a new line on every translucent page. Pages passed add to the story, stacking over one another to create a solidified canon, while the lines to come are obscured; the text reading back to front on the verso.


Multidisciplinary designer with experience in type design, print, image making, and publication.


And Rising - Design Intern
October 2021 -> February 2022

Studio Lowrie - Design Intern
February 2022 -> May 2022

Phantom London - Junior Designer
May 2022 -> Present


Arts University Bournemouth
Foundation Diploma in Art and Design
Sep 2018 -> May 2019

University of Brighton
BA (Hons) Graphic Design
Sep 2018 -> May 2021



CV and PDF Portfolio
available upon request.